Old cat?…….. Or just suffering from chronic pain?

The signs of chronic pain in cats can be vague and often go unnoticed. Many people may assume that the increased sleeping and decreased family interaction may be a normal part of the aging process.

At Palmerstown vet hospital, we know that one the most common cause of chronic pain in cats is arthritis which is caused by wear and tear of joint surfaces. Unlike in dogs, lameness is rarely seen in cats as a symptom of arthritis.


So how would we recognise if our cat was suffering from chronic pain or arthritis?

We need to be clued into our cat’s behaviour to allow us to recognise subtle changes.

Does your cat have?

  • Reduced mobility? Not as good at jumping. Stiff/ hunched stance?
  • Reduced mobility? Increased time sleeping?. Spending more time indoors?
  • Changes in grooming habit? Dull, matted, scruffy coat? Increased grooming in certain areas?
  • Changes in demeanor? Less interactive? Aggressive when stroked?

The good news is that at Anicare vets, there are several treatments available to successfully treat chronic pain in cats. These include conventional medicines, diets, natural supplements and complimentary treatments such as acupuncture at our Botanic veterinary hospital.


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