When Playing Fetch becomes a Pain in the Neck.

Think twice before you pick up that harmless looking stick on the beach for your dog to retrieve.When you throw  the stick it may fall upright jammed in the sand and your dog then  rushes over and over enthusatically grabs the stick. Your dog in his or her haste may not apply their feet brakes on time causing the stick to jam into the back of their mouth,throat or neck. In most cases this results in little more than a tender mouth, a broken stick and a small wound. But not so uncommonly a situation can occur where the stick can penetrate through the back of  the neck and pharynx (wind pipe) and lodge there.In this situation surgery is required to remove the stick. Like the soft safe hurlies for kids you can also get soft safe and fun flexible throwing toys specifically designed for retrieving type dogs such as Collies,Springers and Labradors.

So remember as harmless as that stick looks and as pleadingly as those brown eyes look .

Think before you Throw!

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