Suggested reading list for dog training / behaviour books

Clients frequently ask for recommendations from us for useful books on dog behaviour and dog training. With many hundreds of titles available it can be difficult to be sure that the advice in a book is accurate and up to date. In the past ten years understanding of dog behaviour has undergone a major shift. The classic concept of “dominance” and pack hierarchy as a driver for most dog behaviours has been completely re-evaluated and many of the older concepts have in fact been discredited.

Vet and behaviourist Ian Dunbar gives his books away for free (in digital format) on his excellent website “Before you get your puppy” and “After you get your puppy” are both free downloads from and are excellent resources for people considering getting a dog and also for people that already have one. We would advise all our dog-owning clients – especially puppy owners – to visit Dog Star Daily they have lots of useful training and behaviour tips.

Our recommended reading list is

Before you get your Puppy – Ian Dunbar

After you get your puppy – Ian Dunbar

The Culture Clash – Jean Donaldson

Dominance fact or fiction – Barry Eaton

Hear Hear – Barry Eaton (Deaf Dog Training)

Feisty Fido – Patricia McConnell

The Cautious Canine – Patricia McConnell

Most of these titles are available from Dog Training Ireland’s online shop ( or from and Amazon.

Happy reading!

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