Dog Breeding Establishments Act signed into law

On 21st December Phil Hogan, the Minister for the Environment signed the Dog Breeding Establishments Act into law. This important piece of legislation brings in long overdue regulations governing so-called puppy farms (it applies only to breeders with 6 or more breeding age bitches). All the staff at Anicare welcome this new legislation and hope it will reduce welfare abuses associated with large scale dog breeding.

As a dog owner you can play an important part in promoting welfare standards in the dog breeding industry. If you are buying a dog:

  • Always ensure that the vendor allows you to meet the pup’s mother, with the litter, in their normal surroundings.
  • Never agree to meet a breeder on the road , even if it sounds like a good idea at the time.
  • Never buy a puppy out of pity if you see it in very poor conditions – it only rewards low standards by the breeder. Consider reporting the breeder to a local SPCA instead.
  • Remember that a puppy that has been brought up living in a house with a family is likely to make a far better pet in terms of socialisation and temperament than a pup that was reared on a puppy farm.

Finally, if you are thinking of getting a new dog consider looking at a charity or re-homing centre. Many healthy dogs are euthanased every year in Ireland simply because they have no homes. Anicare vet Fintan Browne from Blanchardstown Veterinary Hospital says: “Prospective dog owners should always consider giving a good home to a rescue dog. Many dogs in rescue centres will make terrific pets, including retired greyhounds which are a personal favourite. My own two dogs are “rescue” dogs – one came from Dogs Trust and the other was dropped in as a stray. I can’t imagine that shelling out lots of money for an expensive pedigree breed could have given me a better two companions!”

Fintan’s dogs Poppy (from Dogs Trust) and Pip

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