A very good reason to spay…

This past week at Palmerstown Veterinary Hospital, we have had two cases of female dogs having a condition know as pyometra. This basically involves the acculmulation of pus in the womb. This condition will make your animal feel very ill and is potentially life threatening. The best way to prevent the occurence of this is to neuter your pet.

At six months of age all pets that are not intended for breeding should be neutered. Your pet will be admitted into Palmerstown Veterinary Hospital in the morning and will go home again that evening. We use modern anaesthetics and pain relief medication to ensure the minimal risk and discomfort for your pet.

Apart from preventing pyometra, spaying your female pet has many other benefits:

  • Prevents unwanted pregnancies- thousands of unwanted puppies and kittens are put to sleep in Ireland every year due to overpopulation.
  • Practically eliminates mammary cancer if done before the first heat; if done after the first heat neutering still substantially reduces the incidence of mammary cancer.
  • Prevents false pregnancy or phantom pregnancy which can cause behavioural problems.
  • Prevents your dog or cat coming into heat. Each heat lasts approximately three weeks. During the first week of her heat, your dog or cat will bleed and this can be quite unpleasant especially if indoors. Great care is needed to ensure that she is separated from male dogs/cats during this time.

The benefits of neutering your male pet include:

  • preventing testicular tumours, reducing prostate problems, anal tumours and some hernias.
  • Reduces or eliminates territory marking, e.g. urinating on your good sofa or kitchen cupboards!!
  • Reduces or eliminates tendency to roam.
  • Results in better temperament and reduces inter-dog aggression.

At Palmerstown Veterinary Hospital we advise fewer calories than entire pets. We recommend that you reduce your dog’s calorie intake by one third once your pet has been neutered. One of our qualified Veterinary Nurses will be happy to go through a new feeding plan with you.



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