Poisons and your pet

Recently in Palmerstown Veterinary Hospital we have seen several cases in which pets have eaten things they shouldn’t have.
One case was a terrier, Molly, who had eaten some rat poisoning that her owner had lain outside under a shed in the back garden. The terrier, being naturally inquisitive and having a great sense of smell, had got at it even though her owner had thought it was safely hidden. Rat poisons such as “Storm” and “Endorat” are highly toxic to all pets. Dogs will commonly eat it, as it has a sweet taste. This poison will take a few days to take effect but usually within 2-3 days of eating it, the dog will show signs of weakness or collapse. The poison interferes with blood clotting and causes internal bleeding. It will be fatal without treatment and affected dogs frequently need blood transfusions to cure them. If seen early enough we can prevent the poison from being absorbed.

Thankfully for Molly, her owners noticed her eating the poison and immediately brought her in to us. We were able to give her medication to make her vomit and remove the poison from her system and give the antidote for the poisoning.

Other poisons your pets may have access to include slug pellets, chocolate, sweeteners, grapes, lilies (cats) and human medicines (such as paracetamol, aspirin, nurofen, difene), household plants (lilies, azaleas, poinsiettas etc.) and many more.

Remember never to give your pet any medication that is not meant for them. Many medications safe for us are extremely toxic to our pets.

Keep all medications well away from inquisitive pets and if you suspect your pet has eaten something they shouldn’t have bring them in as soon as possible.

If in doubt just give your local Anicare branch a  call – even out of hours – don’t wait if you are worried!








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