Canine Cough(Kennel Cough)

Canine cough, kennel cough, infectious canine bronchitis name it as you wish is a highly contagious illness which presents as a persistent harsh cough in dogs which can last for several weeks. It is very easily spread from dog to dog in kennels,parks and anytime where a number of dogs gather together. We have over the last two months seen an ever increasing number of cases in our clinics in Glasnevin, Clontarf, Santry and Blanchardstown.

The cough is caused by a mixture of viral and bacterial agents. The main viral component-the parainfluenza virus is protected against with the annual vaccination used in the Anicare clinics. However a seperate vaccination is required to protect against the main bacterial component Bordotella Brochiseptica and we recommend given the increased prevalence you consider giving this vaccine also to your pet. The vaccine used also lasts for a 12 month period.

Dogs who develop the condition generally respond well to medication but given the number of cases seen recently in our Anicare veterinary hospitals and surgery in North Dublin we recommend vaccination is strongly considered.


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