Preventative Healthcare

Prevention is better than cure, and your pet’s health and well-being is no exception. The Anicare team recommends that your pet receive a check-up at least once per year or more frequently as they get older, or if they have special medical needs.

Regular visits to the vet play a huge part in the “prevention is better than cure” approach and are critical to preventing illness and identifying any newly emerging problems before they become serious.

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Diagnostics Services

Diagnostic Facilities available at all Anicare hospitals include:Diagnostic Imaging, Blood Testing and Laboratory Facilities, Microscopy, In-House Microbiology, Profiling Screens …

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Pet Dental Care

Dental disease is very common in animals with approximately 85% of pets developing some form of periodontal disease by the time they are three years old. Just as in humans, dental disease is painful, but because our pets do not have the same ability to communicate their discomfort as we do, until relatively recently a lot of their dental problems were overlooked. Additionally, an unhealthy mouth can lead to other problems such as bad breath, tooth loss, and in more severe instances, liver and heart disease. Signs of dental problems in your pet may include bad breath, red swollen gums, eating difficulties, yellow/brown tartar build up on teeth and drooling.

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Your Pet’s Surgery

All routine surgeries are generally performed Monday through Friday. However, since we are open seven days a week, emergency procedures can also safely be carried out over the weekend when necessary. Generally you will be asked to drop off your pet early on the morning of the surgery, having made sure he or she fasted the night before. Your pet may be admitted by either a vet or a nurse, depending on the surgery being performed. Because there is nothing more important than your pet’s safety, he or she will receive a thorough physical examination before any sedation or anaesthetic agents are administered.

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Specialist Services

All of our clinics are equipped with radiology and ultrasound facilities. On occasion, for non-routine cases, we also engage the services of Emma Tobin, a specialised veterinary radiologist who has a certificate in Diagnostic Imaging and provides an ultrasound referral service in our Blanchardstown Veterinary Hospital every week. We can also avail of her expert advice if a specialist opinion is needed on any radiograph taken within the Anicare Veterinary Group.

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Exotic Species

We at Anicare are happy to treat all of your pets. Rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas, hamsters, mice and ferrets are just some of the animals that are regularly treated by our Anicare staff. We have even had the privilege of treating a 70 year old tortoise!

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Complimentary Therapies

Acupuncture may be used to successfully treat a number of conditions in companion animals. It is most useful in the treatment of musculoskeletal problems including arthritis and intervertebral disc problems, a common cause of back pain in dogs. It may be used alongside medication, surgery and/or physiotherapy and hydrotherapy and may provide important additional pain relief for our patients.

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