I have been a client of Anicare Clontarf for over 17 yrs, and I think they are FANTASTIC!!! They are caring and knowledgeable, and have certainly gone above and beyond  for my pets when they have been very sick . I have always found them  up to date with the latest treatment and information, and I regularly sing  there praises to other pet owners I meet.  Lily and Axel give a resounding WOOF! to all the staff

I really want to say thanks for being so reasonable and informative, which is becoming more rare these days. Gary is a worrier anyway, and you were great for him. I am going to be very proactive about spreading the word to my adopters about Anicare and you in Blanchardstown from now on.


I just wanted to say a big thank you to Anicare in Blanchardstown Village for being so helpful last week when we brought a cat in that unfortunately had its head stuck in a cat food tin, we found her in our back garden, thanks to Zara who took her from us and thankfully the tin was removed and the cat was OK. We had her returned to us last night and I released her back to where she is familiar with and she found her way home. You were all unbelieavably kind and kept us updated with her progress. Thank you so much, it was a lovely happy ending.

Anicare truly is the best place for your pet, if you are looking for miracles this is the place to bring them. The staff truly are angels in disguise. I owe them everything and so does my cat Jack. He really had a home from home during his stays at Anicare when he has been sick.

Wallis back in top form and fully recovered after the cat tried to blind her. Thanks to all at Anicare for the great care and attention you gave her.

Thanks a million Fintan and team for being so kind to Gino in his last moments.

My samoyed huskie BUFFY is doing great THANKS to the staff in Anicare Blanchardstown only for them i would have lost her to a Pyelonephritis infection.So keep up the great work .

Hi, just wanted to let you know that Roger & Ralph ( aka Grover & Archer) are doing really well. They spend their days getting into mischief, snoozing together and have even started to look for cuddles from us! They are a great pair ….thanks so much!!

Thank you so so much for the nurses help this afternoon. Rushed my Nan’s dog in when she got a bone lodged whilst chewing on it. So calm when we were not. Thanks